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Title: Opposition effect of the Moon from LROC WAC data
Authors: Великодський, Юрій Іванович
Корохін, Віктор Валентинович
Шкуратов, Юрій Григорович
Кайдаш, Вадим Григорович
Videen, Gordon
Keywords: Moon, surface
Image processing
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Citation: Velikodsky Yu.I., Korokhin V.V., Shkuratov Yu.G., Kaydash V.G., Videen G. Opposition effect of the Moon from LROC WAC data, Icarus, Volume 275, September 2016, Pages 1–15
Abstract: LROC WAC images acquired in 5 bands of the visible spectral range were used to study the opposition effect for two mare and two highland regions near the lunar equator. Opposition phase curves were extracted from the images containing the opposition by separating the phase-curve effect from the albedo pattern by comparing WAC images at different phase angles (from 0° to 30°). Akimov's photometric function and the NASA Digital Terrain Model GLD100 were used in the processing. It was found that phase-curve slopes at small phase angles directly correlate with albedo, while at larger phase angles, they are anti-correlated. We suggest a parameter to characterize the coherent-backscattering component of the lunar opposition surge, which is defined as the maximum phase angle for which the opposition-surge slope increases with growing albedo. The width of the coherent-backscattering opposition effect varies from approximately 1.2° for highlands in red light to 3.9° for maria in blue light. The parameter depends on albedo, which is in agreement with the coherent-backscattering theory. The maximum amplitude of the coherent opposition effect is estimated to be near 8%. Maps of albedo and phase-curve slope at phase angles larger than those, at which the coherent-backscattering occurs, were built for the areas under study. Absolute calibration of WAC images was compared with Earth-based observations: the WAC-determined albedo is very close to the mean lunar albedo calculated using available Earth-based observations.
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