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Authors: Василишина, Наталія Максимівна
Keywords: foreign language
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The ongoing paper discusses the most sophisticated approaches, techniques, that can be implemented in high school teaching process respectively. We have conducted the detailed analysys of findings made in the area of foreign language teaching by such prominent scholars, as: Wyner, Lenneberg, Johnson and Newport, Jenkin and Levis, Choi and Murphy, Jennifer Jenkins. As a result, we made the summary that, in spite of numereous sufficient results in acquiring foreign language skills by students, a lot of difficulties are still exist in modern education, especially taking into account the fact, that foreign language programs and syllabus is characterized with limited amount of hours. So, the following controversy appears, which can be worded as: contemporary requirements for specialists and professionals are high, but level of high education is rather weak, restricted and limited. Consequently, the primary goal of our survey is to find out the most appropriate and time-consuming approaches, highlight urgent problems, challenges modern students come up with in order to accomplish high results in the learning and teaching sphere. While searching a sufficient solution for the defined controversy, we gave the outlook on four Wyner’s principles. Also, during the scientific study we enumerated problems students can have in English pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. However, besides tutoring factual material, such notion as “appropriate motivational context” was mentioned as of great importance and an intrinstic tool in accomplishing foreign language skills. To sum up, we finished our piece of research with the outcome along with a great number of various methods, techniquies, approaches which are supposed to be used in different learning situations there are many obstacles to be overcome by tutors to accomplish pedagogical aims. Prospects of further investigation were made correspondingly.
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