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Title: Automation control system of technical condition of gas turbine engine compressor
Other Titles: Автоматизована система контролю технічного стану компресора газотурбінних двигунів
Authors: KULYK, M. S.
Keywords: automated system
evaluation of technical condition
metrological characteristics
functional scheme
Issue Date: Aug-2019
Citation: Кулик Н. С. Автоматизированная система контроля технического состояния компрессора газотурбинного двигателя/ Н. С. Кулик, В. В. Козлов, Л. Г. Волянская// // Авиационно–космическая техника и технология.–Харків: Нац. аерокосмічний університет "Харк.авіац.інст.".–2019,–№ 3. –С 121–127.
Abstract: The article is devoted to one of the approaches to the construction of an automated system for solving the problems of diagnostics and monitoring of the flow duct of aircraft gas turbine engines and gas turbine plants. Timely detection of faults and subsequent monitoring of their development in operation are possible thanks to automated systems for assessing the technical condition of engines. This is particularly relevant in operating conditions as the knowledge of the technical condition of the engine is necessary for any engine maintenance system allows to choose the content and timing of maintenance, repair of the flow duct of gas turbine engines and gas turbine plants, as well as commissioning. The engineering technique, which can be applied at the performance of maintenance and stages of tests and debugging of aircraft engines, is considered. The automated system imple-ments a method of measuring the airflow through the compressor and a technique for assessing the technical condition of the compressor by the relative change in airflow. To determine the airflow rate through the gas turbine engine, it is sufficient to measure only static pressure values in the flow part. The static pressure receivers are not located in the flow part and do not obscure it, and thus do not affect the compressor gas-dynamic stability margin. The inspection area is selected for measuring in the flow duct of the air intake. Static pressure in the maximum and minimum cross-sections of the chosen area is measured; the maximum cross-section area of the flow duct, the total temperature of the airflow is measured outside the air intake. To determine the airflow rate, the functional dependence of the airflow rate on the static pressure is used. The algorithm for monitoring and diagnosing the operating condition of the engine is based on a comparison of the actual values of air flow rate with the airflow rate determined during the control tests or when using a mathematical model adapted for this gas turbine engine. The positive effect of the using of the proposed automated control system of the technical condition is that the airflow rate measured under operating conditions will significantly increase the objectivity of the control of the operation and technical condition of the gas turbine engine.
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