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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Application of Wideband Signals for Acoustic LocalizationЯновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix; Sinitsyn, R.B.
May-2016Multivariate Copula Approach for Polarimetric Classification in Weather Radar ApplicationsЯновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix; Rudyakova, A.N.; Sinitsyn, R.B.
2016Moving Target Detection and Tracking using Passive Acoustic RadarЯновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix; Sinitsyn, Rustem B.; Chervoniak, Yevhen; Makarenko, Vitaliy; Tokarev, Vadim; Zaporozhets, Oleksandr
2016Spectral Polarimetric Method for Turbulence Intensity Estimation in RainRudiakova, Anna N.; Turenko, Daria N.; Яновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix
2016Copula Simulation of Weather Radar InputsRudiakova, A.N.; Sinitsyn, R.B.; Яновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix
2016Масонська ложа технарівЯновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix
Jan-2015Determination of aircraft current location on the basis of its acoustic noiseSinitsyn, R.; Яновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix; Chervoniak, E.; Zaporozhets, O.
2013Short-Range C-Band Noise Radar for Meteorological ApplicationMaslikowski, Lukasz; Krzysztof, Kulpa; Glushko, Dmitriy; Яновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix
Sep-2016Glimpses of Early Radar Developments in Ukraine and the Former Soviet UnionЯновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix
2007SPECTRUM WITH OF RADAR RETURNS FROM RAIN WITH TURBULENCEKhraisat, Yahya S. H.; Яновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix