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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Application of Wideband Signals for Acoustic LocalizationЯновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix; Sinitsyn, R.B.
May-2016Multivariate Copula Approach for Polarimetric Classification in Weather Radar ApplicationsЯновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix; Rudyakova, A.N.; Sinitsyn, R.B.
2016Moving Target Detection and Tracking using Passive Acoustic RadarЯновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix; Sinitsyn, Rustem B.; Chervoniak, Yevhen; Makarenko, Vitaliy; Tokarev, Vadim; Zaporozhets, Oleksandr
2016Spectral Polarimetric Method for Turbulence Intensity Estimation in RainRudiakova, Anna N.; Turenko, Daria N.; Яновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix
2016Copula Simulation of Weather Radar InputsRudiakova, A.N.; Sinitsyn, R.B.; Яновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix
2016Масонська ложа технарівЯновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix
Sep-2016Glimpses of Early Radar Developments in Ukraine and the Former Soviet UnionЯновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix
2016Refined Models and Numerical Simulation of Polarimetric Radar Signals Scatterred by Various Types of HydrometeorsПітерцев Олександр, Pitertsev Alexander; Яновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix
2016Polarimetric Method to Discriminate the Drops on Sizes within the Resolution VolumeАвер'янова Юлія, Averyanova Yulia; Яновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix
Oct-2016Copula Analysis of Full Polarimetric Weather Radar Complex SignalsЯновський Фелікс, Yanovsky Felix; Rudiakova, A.N.; Sinitsyn, R.B.; Авер'янова Юлія, Averyanova Yulia