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2011Inferring microstructure and turbulence properties in rain through observations and simulations of signal spectra measured with Doppler–polarimetric radarsYanovsky, Felix
2011Least square spline decomposition in time-frequency analysis of meteorological signalsShelevytska, K.I.; Semenova, O.S.; Shelevytsky, I.V.; Yanovsky, Felix
2009Mean velocity of raindrops at orthogonal polarizations of radar sounding waveformYanovsky, Felix; Glushko, Dmitry
2007Microwave scattering from particles in turbulent atmosphere and its application for hydrometeor type recognition and turbulence detectionYanovsky, Felix; Marchuk, Vitaly V.; Ostrovsky, Yaroslav P.; Pitertsev, Alexander; Khraisat, Yahya S. H.; Ligthart, Leo P.
2008Millimeter Wave Radar: Principles and Applications In: Millimeter Wave Technology in Wireless PAN, LAN, and MANYanovsky, Felix
2016Moving Target Detection and Tracking using Passive Acoustic RadarYanovsky, Felix; Sinitsyn, Rustem B.; Chervoniak, Yevhen; Makarenko, Vitaliy; Tokarev, Vadim; Zaporozhets, Oleksandr
2011Multipath Effect in Multilateration SurveillanceKonchenko, Inna; Yanovsky, Felix
2016Polarimetric Method to Discriminate the Drops on Sizes within the Resolution VolumeAveryanova, Yulia; Yanovsky, Felix
2006-02Radar turbulence detection: statistical synthesis and experimental check of adaptive algorithmsYanovsky, Felix; Prokopenko, I.G.; Ligthart, L.P.
2016Refined Models and Numerical Simulation of Polarimetric Radar Signals Scatterred by Various Types of HydrometeorsPitertsev, Alexander; Yanovsky, Felix
2013Short-Range C-Band Noise Radar for Meteorological ApplicationMaslikowski, Lukasz; Krzysztof, Kulpa; Glushko, Dmitriy; Yanovsky, Felix
2016Spectral Polarimetric Method for Turbulence Intensity Estimation in RainRudiakova, Anna N.; Turenko, Daria N.; Yanovsky, Felix
2007Spectrum with of radar returns from rain with turbulenceKhraisat, Yahya S. H.; Yanovsky, Felix
2012Turbulence intensity classification based on estimating statistical polarimetric parameters of radar reflections from rainAveryanova, Yulia; Yanovsky, Felix; Averyanov, A.