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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Alternative positioning navigation by multi NAVAIDSOstroumov, Ivan Victorovich
2013Analysis of DME/DME positioning capabilities for borispil airspace regionOstroumov, Ivan Victorovich
2014Classroom support service in learning processOstroumov, Ivan Victorovich
2011The Digital Information ManagementOstroumov, Ivan Victorovich
2023Educational and methodological complex of discipline "Methodology of Applied Research in the Field of Aviation Transport" (in English)Ostroumov, Ivan Victorovich; Остроумов, Іван Вікторович
2011EFIS modeling softwareOstroumov, Ivan Victorovich
2016Information processing algorithm from navigation sensors of user mobile devicesOstroumov, Ivan Victorovich
2015Interpolation of magnetic field characteristics by spline functionsOstroumov, Ivan Victorovich
2014Investigation of magnetic fieldOstroumov, Ivan Victorovich
2016Magnetic field data processing with personal electronic deviceOstroumov, Ivan Victorovich
2016Method of parameters calculation of magnetic field of restricted areaOstroumov, Ivan Victorovich
2016Mobile device data fixing systems analysisOstroumov, Ivan Victorovich
2014Navaids facility for aircraft positioningOstroumov, Ivan Victorovich
2012Positioning by VOR signals in Ukraine regionOstroumov, Ivan Victorovich
2014Real time sensors data processingOstroumov, Ivan Victorovich
2015Reducing of GPS positioning error by real time ionosphere activity monitoringOstroumov, Ivan Victorovich
2014Tablet location tracking by inertial sensorsOstroumov, Ivan Victorovich
2011TCAS modeling software for support education processOstroumov, Ivan Victorovich
2014TCAS PositioningOstroumov, Ivan Victorovich
2016Timing problem of multi DME/DME approachOstroumov, Ivan Victorovich