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2020-12Evaluation of the efficiency of biofuel production from microalgaeОнопа, Валерія Василівна
2021-12Evaluation of the efficiency of photobioreactors for wastewater treatmentOmelchenko, Hanna Olehivna; Омельченко, Ганна Олегівна
2020-02-26Evaluation of the financial results of the Russian Venture Company: a Ukrainian methodology of analysisЛахтіонова, Людмила Анатоліївна; Лахтионова, Людмила Анатольевна; Lakhtionova, Lyudmila; Муранова, Наталія Петрівна; Муранова, Наталья Петровна; Muranova, Natalia; Бугайов, Олександр Євгенович; Бугаев, Александр Евгеньевич; Bugaiov, Oleksandr
2023-06Evaluation of the functionality of the ecosystems of the Rivne oblastKavich, Rostislav Olegovich; Кавич, Ростислав Олегович
2021-04-28Evaluation of the inertia of the change in the speed of rotation of the lifting rotors on the dynamics of the motion of a heavy quadrocopterGulyuk, Vasyl; Гулюк, Василь Ярославович
2020Evaluation of the potential of commercial use of microalgae in the world and in UkrainePavliukh, Lesia; Boichenko, Sergii; Shamanskyi, Sergii; Jaworski, Artur
2015-03Evaluation of the quality of stabilization systems by normalized indirect indicatorsAblesimov, Aleksandr; Аблесімов, Олександр Костянтинович; Kutova, Natalya; Кутова, Наталія Ігорівна
2020-12Evaluation of the stress-strain state of the metal frame structures of a high-rise buildingRakovych, Maksym; Ракович, Максим Анатолійович
2019-10Evidence admissibility in criminal proceedings and criminal liability for violations of the evidence obtainment procedureLykhova, Sofiia; Lancedova, Julia
2023-04Evolution of human capital theorySteshkin, S.; Стешкін, С.
2017Evolution of the deformation relief on the surface of a clad aluminum alloy at random cyclic loadsIgnatovich, S.R.; Karuskevich, M.V.; Yutskevych, S.S.
2021Evolution of the information societyHrytsenko, Mikhail Alexandrovich; Гриценко, Михайло Олександрович
2019-05-16Evolutional aspects of ethical, responsible and innovative composition of social marketingСмерічевський, Сергій Францович; Smerichevskyi, Serhii Frantsovych; Колесник, Максим Віталійович; Kolesnyk, Maksym Vitaliiovych
2022-02-25Exaggerated recklessnes in road traffic is murderKorošec, Damjan; Korljan, Ambrož
2019Examination of works of art in the chronotop of culture: aspects of professional training of specialistsКарпов, Віктор Васильович; Karpov, Viktor
2023-12Examining the Impact of Age on the Job Performance of ATCOYamshanova, Anna; Ямшанова, Анна Ігорівна
2019-04-23Example applications of the algebra of logics to the decision making problems of the aircraft airworthiness support technologies (aviation legislation and operational documentation concern)Goncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
2019-09-01Examples of complex qualification task for a master degree studentsMolodtsov, Mykola Fedorovych; Rugain, Oleksandr Volodymyrovych
2022-06-16Exercise as a means of non-specific prevention of functional disorders and diseases. Types of exercise. Principles of motor activity. Relationship between physical activity and physical, mental and social aspects of health. The influence of various factors on motor activity and the body's need for itSyrovatko, Z.; Abramov, S.