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Title: Tawning covers as means of formation of architectural expressiveness of airports
Authors: Agieieva Galyna
Агєєва Галина Миколаївна
Агеева Галина Николаевна
Keywords: airport
tawning covers
formation of architectural
Issue Date: 23-Sep-2014
Publisher: National Аviation University
Citation: Agieieva, G. M. Tawning covers as means of formation of architectural expressiveness of airports / G. M. Agieieva // THE SIXTH WORLD CONGRESS AVIATION IN T H E XXI-st CENTURY' "Safety in Aviation and Space Technologies" September 23-25, 2014,Kyiv, Ukraine: Procudings. - Vol. 3. - p.10.30 - 10.34
Abstract: Airport complexes are considered, where a part of long span premises is covered by awning covers. In Ukraine, it is proposed use awning covers for buildings and structures that are to become composition components in developing the airport building.
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