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Authors: Bolotov Grigoriy
Болотов Григорій Іванович
Болотов Григорий Иванович
Keywords: buffer zone
Issue Date: 23-Sep-2014
Publisher: National Aviation University
Citation: EFFECTIVENESS OF THE BUFER ZONE / Bolotov G.I. // THE SIXTH WORLD CONGRESS AVIATION IN T H E XXI-st CENTURY' "Safety in Aviation and Space Technologies" September 23-25, 2014,Kyiv, Ukraine: Procudings. - Vol. 3. - p.10.38 - 10.40
Abstract: Effective functioning of the buffer zone of communication between an architect, a manager and a customer is en sured by creating init of comfortable conditions for a proper dialogue by means of appropriate equipment and design including creation of a footage out of whole of the palette of psychological types: “Creators”, ”Pragmatists”, ”Intellectuals” and “Dreamers”.
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