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Title: Конверсія: номінативна сутність та основні моделі ( на матеріалі німецької мови)
Authors: Кульчицький, Віктор Іванович
Keywords: конверсия
словообразовательная модель
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: К. : Вид. Дім Дмитра Бураго
Abstract: The article is devoted to the conversion, its nominative nature and basic models. The research is based on the German language materials. It deals with the most productive substantive models of word formation. Much attention is paid to their derivative meanings and nominal specifics. The author analyzes relevant literature and considers various points of view concerning the phenomenon described. Great attention is paid to the description of different models and the rules of derivation. He deals with five models of conversion in the German language: 1. The model V→N is considered to be the most productive in modern language. It includes two types of word formation: a) substantivity with cutting off the final element – en; b) substantivity of the infinitive. 2. Model A→N. Highly productive transpositional model of any adjective into neuter noun. Feminine and masculine nouns are formed only from adjectives with the meaning of qualities, properties and features inherent for living beings. 3. Model P I P II→N. The categories of persons with active ( the stem is Participle I) or passive ( the stem is ParticipleII) features are formed through this model. 4. Model N→V is the most productive model of noun-verbal transformation. 5. Model A→V . The formation of adjective non-affixal verbs is limited by the fact that it does not include the adjectival Participle I and Participle II that constitute a considerable part of adjectives in general. The author comes to conclusion that the function of recategorization at the level of parts of speech is the basic nominal function of conversion in modern German. How- ever, the function of subcategorization is not less important within the part of speech which includes the corresponding element of conversion.
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