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Title: Trends and Ideas of Human-Machine Systems Improvement in Aviation
Authors: Петренко, Олександр Віталійович
Keywords: human-machine interaction
man-machine interface
heuristic problems
speech modality
personality approach
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Petrenko, O.V. Trends and Ideas of Human-Machine Systems Improvement // SWAEP – 2013: VIII Scientific Workshop on Aviation & Emergency Psychology, November 19-20, 2013. – P. 15-20.
Abstract: The article contains a survey of some approaches to integration of machine and human components of socio-technical system in conditions of growth of automation capabilities. Some data concerning the perception of a pilot in a highly automated cockpit presented. The article considers a number of promising areas of innovation. In the article offers the idea of tuning onboard systems to individualtypological characteristics of the particular operator in addition to adaptation of interfaces to the current condition of a man. The paper discusses the language modality perspectives of a man-machine interaction. The autor believes that the personality-centered approach is the best basis to psychological weltanschauung of aviation developers in the present conditions and especially in the long term given the structure of a pilot's psychological difficulties in the high-level automated cockpit.
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