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Title: Metal structures in construction
Authors: Бєлятинський, Андрій Олександрович
Першаков, Валерій Миколайович
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Metal structural members are mainly designed for taking up the loads acting on a structure. The constructional shape of a structure is determined by the combination of the main constituent parts and elements such as beams, girders, trusses, columns or shells that form this structure. The best constructional shape of a structure and its elements is selected in the process of designing, which is a creative process wherein many solutions may be obtained. The duty of the designer is to find in each case the most appropriate and rational solution for his designing problems that will conform to the modern level of development of science and engineering. Steel structural members have found a wide use in the following types of structures, which can be divided into two groups
Description: This manual complies with the new syllabus “Metal structures. Metals and welding in construction” courses for students of specialities “Industrial and Civil Engineering” and “Highways and Aerodromes”. This manual is based upon many-year experience of teaching this course by the group of lecturers of the department of computer technologies of construction at the Airport Institute of National Aviation University. This training course consists in studying methods of designing and analysing metal engineering structures (of steel and aluminium). The first two chapters are devoted to the fundamentals of designing and the theory of analyzing metal structures and structural members with account of the material working not only in the elastic, but also in the elastoplastic stage. Chapter 3 describes various structural shapes and methods of joining structural elements together, the actual behaviour of the joints and their investigation, as well as certain industrial requirements, which the design of structures must meet. In other chapters, the reader will find a detailed consideration of the principal elements of metal structures such as beams, girders, trusses and columns. All the material conforms to the standards for designing steel structures and structures of aluminium alloys, as well as to the general building standards and regulations followed in Ukraine.
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