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Title: Houses similar in scope for psycho different person
Authors: Shchetin Vladislav
Щетінін Владислав Олександрович
Щетинин Владислав Александрович
Болотов Григорій Іванович
Болотов Григорий Иванович
Bolotov Grigoriy
Keywords: Houses
different person
psycho significantly expands
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: НАУ
Citation: Houses similar in scope for psycho different person/ V.A. Shchetinin, G.I. Bolotov// The seventh word congress aviation in the XXI-st century' "Safety in Aviation and Space Technologies" September 19-21.2016, Kyiv, Ukraine: Proceedings. – p.10.2.5-10.2.7.
Abstract: The paper discusses the questions of the houses similar in scope for psycho different person. The study is based on the use of different figurative aesthetic techniques, planning and performance color and decoration of the design of residential buildings similar in scope answering basic human psycho significantly expands their subsequent distribution.
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