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Title: Results of complex processing GPS and GLONASS data in case of restricted visibility of navigation satellites
Authors: Конин Валерий, Konin Valeriy
Погурельский Алексей, Pogurelskiy Oleksey
Keywords: accuracy
Issue Date: Sep-2012
Publisher: Proceedings Fifth World Congress. Aviation in the XXI- st Century. Safety in Aviation and Space Technologies, September 25-27, 2012 .– Kyiv: NAU, 2012. – V.2. – P.3.2.61-3.2.64
Abstract: This paper describes result of complex processing navigation data simultaneously received from GPS and GLONASS satellites. The issue of study is accuracy of coordinate calculations in case of limited number of visible satellites both systems. The conclusions about benefits of complex processing GPS and GLONASS navigation data are considered
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