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dc.contributor.authorDobrovolska, Liudmylaen
dc.description.abstractExtracurricular activities represent educational, preplanned actions which enable complete confirmation of students’ personality as well as development of their communication skills and competencies; whilst they enable the teachers to expand their educational influence. fte role of teachers in process of organization and realization of students’ extracurricular activities is to create conditions within those voluntary activities which enable dominant engagement of students. Extracur- ricular activities should fulfill students’ intellectual, emotional, social, cultural, infor- mative and technical.en
dc.publisherProceedings of the 14th European Conference on Education and Applied Psychology (February 15, 2017). «East West» Association for Advanced Studies and Higher Education GmbH. Vienna. 2017. P 4-10.en
dc.subjectextracurricular activitiesen
dc.subjectstudents’ competenciesen
dc.subjectpartnership learningen
dc.subjectsocial educationen
dc.titleExtracurricular activities and students’ communicationen
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