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Title: Determination of aircraft current location on the basis of its acoustic noise
Authors: Sinitsyn, R.
Yanovsky, Felix
Chervoniak, E.
Zaporozhets, O.
Keywords: acoustic noise
Issue Date: Jan-2015
Publisher: Telecommunications and Radio Engineering, 01/2015; Vol. 74(5), pp. 397-408.
Abstract: In this paper the algorithm of signal detection by means passive acoustics and digital data processing is proposed. This algorithm is original and contains the processing of signals, which are received by several acoustic aerials. For signal detection the calculation of wide-band ambiguity function together with its projection on time axis are used. All the calculations are executed with the real signals. As the result the location of the aircraft on Cartesian coordinate plane is observed. The suggested algorithm is also proposed to use for measuring of aircraft noise with the aim of environmental protection.
DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v74.i5.30
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