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Title: Short-Range C-Band Noise Radar for Meteorological Application
Authors: Maslikowski, Lukasz
Krzysztof, Kulpa
Glushko, Dmitriy
Yanovsky, Felix
Keywords: noise radar
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: 2013 IEEE XXXIII International Scientific Conference Electronics and Nanotechnology (ELNANO)
Abstract: his paper concerns a ground-based continuous- wave noise radar system that was built from Commercial-Off-The-Shelf measurement equipment (Vector Signal Analyser, Ar- bitrary Waveform Generator, amplifiers, antennas) and operated at 5.6 GHz in the C-band. This electronic system was tested as a meteorological radar in the experiment devoted to atmospheric precipitation sensing. The result of the processing is a set of Range-Doppler plots containing visible echo of rain, based on which its intensity can be calculated. There are the system setup, signal processing and results described in the paper.
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