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Title: Polarimetric Method to Discriminate the Drops on Sizes within the Resolution Volume
Authors: Averyanova, Yulia
Yanovsky, Felix
Keywords: radar meteorology
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: 2016 International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetic Theory
Series/Report no.: 978-1-5090-1956-4/16/©2016 IEEE;
Abstract: In this paper we consider possibilities of radar polarimetry to solve different meteorological tasks including identification of atmospheric pfenomena microstructure and hydrometeor orientation, hydrometeors size measurement, wind related phenomena estimation. The potentials and restrictions of radar polarimetry are discussed. The approach that allows to increase informativity of polarization measuremens by distinguishing hydrometeors with similar polarization properties inside the reflecting volume and estimating their differential impact onto polarization properties of reflected signal is presented. The overvew of the polarimetric system with multiple receiving antenna system for aproach realization is done. The results are important for different practical applications of radar meteorology including drop size distribution estimate, rainfall intensity estimate, wind speed measurement, turbulence and strong wind shear detection.
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