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Title: Refined Models and Numerical Simulation of Polarimetric Radar Signals Scatterred by Various Types of Hydrometeors
Authors: Pitertsev, Alexander
Yanovsky, Felix
Keywords: olarimetric radar
Issue Date: 2016
Series/Report no.: 978-1-5090-1050-9/16/©2016 IEEE;
Abstract: In this paper the mathematical models are presented to describe scattering electromagnetic waves by hydrometeors of various types such as: raindrops, cloud droplets, flat and elongated ice crystals etc. These models are developed based on the practical implementation of requirements to the algorithm for detection of zones of possible icing of aircrafts, using the data of the avionic weather radar. Various scenarios of the appearance of such zones are analyzed. Polarymetric radar data, which can be obtained by remote sensing of one or more types of hydrometeors are modeled and analyzed.
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