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Title: The role and significance of the regional europeanorganizations in the process of humanization of national public policy: legal analysis
Authors: Пивовар, Юрій Ігорович
Радзівілл, Олександр Анатолійович
Розум, Ігор Олександрович
Keywords: human rights
national public policy
international law
European community
Issue Date: 31-Dec-2017
Publisher: / / Pyvovar Yuriy, Radzivill O., Rozum I. // Internauka : International Scietific Journal. Series: «Juridical sciences». – 2017. – №5(5). – pp. 22-29.
Abstract: The article is devoted to analysis of the international legislation concerning the role and significance of the regional European organizations in the process of humanization of national public policy. With the help of historical and legal and descriptive methods the preconditions of the creation of international organizations: the Council of Europe, the European Union, Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) are pointed. The legal analysis and systematization of the main acts of these international organizations in the article outlines the directions of their influence on the political and legal systems of the States. By revealing the functional significance of these organizations in the light of comparing their acts, it is determined, that the Council of Europe acts by traditional international and legal means, in particular, by developing draft conventions on the urgent issues of the humanization of the public policy of the Member States; OSCE acts by flexible political means, which according to the authors, in some issues are more effective than legal ones; during exploring the specifics of protection of human rights in certain social aspects the Council of Europe chooses the subject of regular international agreements, while the OSCE explores these issues in the context of the geopolitical changes taking place in the sphere of interaction between the States of the “West” and the “East” of Europe. It is stated, that in the present conditions of globalization the progress of the European communities in the implementation of their “policies” according to the national orders is strategic and fundamental.
ISSN: 2520-2308
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