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Title: Sectors of critical information infrastructure
Other Titles: Сектори критичної інформаційної інфраструктури
Authors: Dreis, Yurii
Roshchuk, Mariia
Romanenko, Olga
Keywords: critical information infrastructure, information and telecommunication system, cybersecurity.
Issue Date: 21-Feb-2018
Publisher: Європейський університет, Київ, 2018
Citation: Y. Dreis, M. Roshchuk, O. Romanenko, "Sectors of critical information infrastructure", збірник тез доповідей IV міжнар. науково-практичної конференції 21-24 лютого 2018, с. 141-143.
Abstract: the analysis of absence a list of critical infrastructure sectors is analyzed, taking into account experience the developed countries of the world. The main sectors of critical infrastructure are presented and in view of the fact that in most objects of critical infrastructure there is an information and telecommunication system that is vulnerable to various types of cyberattacks, a list of these sectors is proposed.
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