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dc.contributor.authorЧужа, Олексій Олександровичuk_UA
dc.contributor.authorРоманенко, Віктор Григоровичuk_UA
dc.contributor.authorПазюра, Наталія Валентинівнаuk_UA
dc.description.abstractAlmost all unmanned aerial vehicles are equipped with inspection earth surface systems that can be used to obtain information about the location of the aircraft using survey-comparative navigation methods. The autonomous determination of unmanned aerial vehicle coordinates with the use of survey- comparative methods of navigation is to finding landmarks whose location is known by their geometric characteristics. Most precisely, the geometric characteristics of 3D object can be obtained using its mathematical model, based on the basic elements of the form. A mathematical model of an object can be represented in the form of two matrices, the elements of which contain information about the shape of the object and the underlying surface, their size and reflective characteristics. The result of determining the location of the unmanned aerial vehicle is the correct solution to the task of recognizing landmarks. In real conditions, it is very difficult to determine the angles of orientation of objects in advance, so it is necessary to apply the mathematical model of the object and determine its characteristics for different orientation angles in relation to the unmanned aerial vehicle. Consequently, the high probability of detecting the landmark is achieved by applying its mathematical 3D model and determining two independent signs of volume and average height for its recognition, it is depending on the angles of its orientation and geometric shape.en
dc.publisherNational Aviation Universityen
dc.subjectsurvey-comparative navigation methodsen
dc.subjectgeometric featuresen
dc.subjectbasic elements of the formen
dc.subjectmathematical model of the objecten
dc.title3D model of landmarks for autonomous navigation of unmanned aerial vehiclesen
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