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dc.contributor.authorДротянко, Любовь Григорьевнаru
dc.contributor.authorЯгодзинский, Сергей Николаевичru
dc.identifier.citationDrotianko L., Yahodzinskyi S. Information environment as the intercultural communication space // International science conference SPbWORCE – 2016 «SMART City» (November 15-17, 2016, Peter of Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University, Institute of Civil Engineering, Russia). –Volume 106. – 2017. – Article Number: 01006. – matecconf/201710601006en
dc.description.abstractThe article is devoted to identify the information society influence on the transformation of intercultural communication in a globalized world. The reception of leading philosophical concepts related to this issue is implemented. In particular the points of view such philosophers as I. Wallerstain, J. Habermas, Y. Masuda, S. Huntington, F. Fukuyama and others are analyzed here. The article provides the idea that the presence of common information environment to different cultures is not able by itself to ensure the integration and cooperation of the world community in all spheres of life society. The efforts of different ethnic community’s representatives are required to upgrade intercultural communication. Keywords: Globalized society, information environment, Media reality, Intercultural exchange, Communication, Multiculturalism, Civilizational conflict.en
dc.publisherSaint-Petersburg Polytechnic Universityen
dc.subjectglobalized societyen
dc.subjectinformation environmenten
dc.subjectmedia realityen
dc.subjectintercultural exchangeen
dc.subjectcivilizational conflicten
dc.titleInformation environment as the intercultural communication spaceen
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