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Title: Social Aspects and Subjective Entropy Paradigm Application to the Problems of Light and Shadow Economy
Authors: Kasianov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich
Goncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
Keywords: subjective entropy
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2018
Abstract: In this publication the subjective entropy paradigm as a tool of an active system control is discussed. Most of the problems having been dealt with in this area are connected with the human psychological and sociological factors influences. Optimal decision making in two-component light and shadow economical circumstances is described. It is shown a possibility of the light and shadow economic “Divisor’s” model “derivation”, with the help of a variational principle which takes into account psychological-sociological components of the light-shadow economy players. The presence of “saddle points” in such two-component economic game allows the players: “Firm”, “State”, and “Racketeer”, to build their own policy to achieve a parity state. The individuals’ subjective preferences are not introduced in the Luce’s axiomatic style of the probability of choice; instead the explicit expressions for the preferences of alternatives are obtained in the theorem manner based upon the postulate of the subjective entropy conditional optimization. Such approach, in the framework of subjective analysis of active systems implementing subjective entropy maximum principle, is quite a provable break through in the social sciences understanding, explanation, and substantiation of the human behavior expediency. The developed theory application example is performed for the light-shadow economy.
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