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Title: The methodology of increasing the functional safety of aviation enterprises
Authors: Павленко, Петро Миколайович
Temnikov, V
Temnikov, A
Temnikova, O
Keywords: aviation safety
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Functional safety of aviation enterprises (control towers and airports) depends significantly on the state of the system "Aviation Security Service – entities that commit acts of unlawful interference in the operation of airports" and the functional condition of the Aviation Security Service staff and air traffic controllers. Therefore, its increase can be achieved only with the systematic application of organizational measures and measures aimed at reducing the human factor's impact on the effectiveness of the Aviation Security Service staff and air traffic controllers. The article describes the methodology for improving the operational safety of the aviation enterprise, based on the developed models and the methods for managing the levels of the state of the system, employees of the Aviation Security Service and air traffic controllers.
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