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Title: Information support of automated control subsystem of the airport's water-saving processes
Authors: Bieliatynskyi, Andrii
Osipa, Liudmyla
Yaroshchuk, Liudmyla
Cheropkin, Evgeniy
Keywords: water-saving processes
specialized airport enterprises
automated control subsystem
information support of the automated control subsystem
database subschema
standard design solutions
database management system
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: The state of surface water near airports is extremely critical in Ukraine. Air transport en-terprises lead to intense pollution of water facilities by industrial and household wastewater. Therefore, the urgent problem is the improvement of the quality of operation of treatment facilities at airports by introducing automated control systems. The efficiency of both technological purification systems fol-lowed by the operator-technology and the automated control subsystem used to help it in operation, largely depends on the quality of information provision
ISBN: 978-609-476-138-6
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