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Title: Control algorithm of the airport’s water-saving processes
Authors: Bieliatynskyi, Andrii
Osipa, Liudmyla
Klochan, Arsen
Cheropkin, Yevhenii
Keywords: aviation production processes
environmental pollution
integrated auto-mated control system
integrated auto-mated control systemof the airport
control algorithm
objective function
software of integrated auto-mated control system
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: An integrated approach to the solution of the water resources utilization problem at all airport management levels is presented in this article. The assessment of the demand for water resources is carried out at organizational and economic level of management. Optimization of water consumption aimed at normal functioning of air-transport production process is carried out taking into account water reuse. Determination of suitable characteristics for waste water purification control is carried out at the airport’s productional level, while functionality minimization for the equation of standard cleaning pro-cesses dynamics allows to define a matrix of the operating impacts during any disturbance concerning a controlled object. The last task is solved at the technological level of management. The aim of the research is to implement the integrated approach to airport’s water-saving production processes and presentation of the control algorithm. To sum up, realization of the specified algorithm using the computer equipment will allow to increase the sewage treatment efficiency and considerably reduce the consumption of fresh water
ISBN: 978-609-476-138-6
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