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Title: Evaluation of heating energy savings after renovation of a standard 5-storey residential building
Authors: Кузнєцова, Олена Олександрівна
Keywords: thermal renovation
energy efficiency
energy conservation
thermal insulation
resistance to heat transfer
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Metallurgical and Mining Industry
Citation: Kuznetsova E. Evaluation of heating energy savings after renovation of a standard 5-storey residential building / Elena Kuznetsova // Metallurgical and Mining Industry. - 2015. - № 11. - P. 238 - 243.
Abstract: The options for improving energy efficiency of a standard residential building built in 1960s were investigated and analyzed and the structure of the heat losses of the building prior to and after the thermal renovation was determined. Thermal renovation of buildings leads to significant cost savings for space heating. Thus, the implementation of energy-efficient solutions for the analyzed building can lead to the following achievements: replacement of windows by more energy efficient ones leads to a reduction in heating energy consumption by 14,7%; insulation of external walls with bringing resistance to heat transfer to the normative values reduces heat losses by 40,4%; the most quantity of heat energy conservation (76,8%) is achieved by the integrated approach (external building envelope insulation, installation of energy efficient windows, refurbishment of the heating system). Knowing the value of investments in energy saving measures, the payback period can be calculated as well as the optimal energy-saving solution can be determined. The analysis and comparison of different energy saving solutions can be used to identify ways for further upgrading of buildings.
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