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Title: Theoretical-legal aspects of a mechanism of a state
Authors: Миронець, Оксана Миколаївна
Яценко, В.М.
Keywords: a mechanism of a state
the state apparatus
legislative regulation
Issue Date: 16-Apr-2019
Citation: Myronets O. M. Theoretical-legal aspects of a mechanism of a state / O. M. Myronets, V. M. Yatsenko // Молодіжний науковий юридичний форум: матеріали ІІ Міжнар. наук.-практ. конф., (Київ, 16-17 травня 2019 р.). – Тернопіль: Вектор, 2019. – С. 36–38.
Abstract: Nowadays efficiency of any state in the world depends on a list of requirements. Highly constructed and strong in its power state’s mechanism is one f them. At the same time, in the period of world changes and global social transformations its concept determination is still topical. A structure of a mechanism of countries is the same but the functions, tasks and even common aim of its elements may be different. It is always important to investigate those issues with the purpose of scientific opening in jurisprudence and prediction of the state’s future development.
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