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Title: Ecological and economical bases for development of rural green tourism in context of European integration of Ukraine
Authors: Babikova, Kateryna
Furdychko, Orest
Keywords: rural green tourism
rural areas
rural households
socio-economic development of rural areas
agricultural production
ecological safety
Issue Date: 2-Jun-2016
Citation: Furdychko O. Ecological and economical bases for development of rural green tourism in context of European integration of Ukraine / O. Furdychko, K. Babikova // The First International Scientific Conference “TOURISM IN FUNCTION OF DEVELOPMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIA”. - Vrnjačka Banja, 2-4 June, 2016. – p. 358-375.
Abstract: The article deals with ecological and economic approaches and perspectives of rural green tourism development in Ukraine based on the experience of the EU. Attention is focused on the development of green tourism as an effective direction of issues resolving concerning the unemployment of rural population, improvement of their material welfare, organic farming development and cultivation of environmentally friendly agricultural production within the limits of private rural households (country estates) that contribute to the conservation of natural environment due to the transition to principles of rational use of natural resources. Research results of the main components of rural green tourism, namely economic, environmental and social are presented. The expediency of rural green tourism development is substantiated, as this type of activity is an integral part of socio-economic development of rural areas and thus environmentally and economically attractive type of tourist activity.The trends of rural green tourism as a tourist activity (increased profitability of tourism, diversification of basic and additional types of tourist services and others) and agrarian sphere (making profit for the use of agricultural lands, payment of tourist tax, increased production of high quality and ecologically safe agricultural production, protection and conservation of natural resources potential of rural areas and others) are highlighted.
ISSN: 978-86-89949-09-4
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