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Title: Aeronautical symbols in Hart Crane`s poems
Authors: Колісниченко, Анна Віталіївна
Keywords: industrialization
logic of metaphor
mythological symbols
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Kolisnychenko A. Aeronautical symbols in Hart Crane`s poems / А. Kolisnychenko // Aviation in the XXI-st century. [Електронный ресурс]. – Режим доступу:
Abstract: A unique interpretation of aeronautical symbols based on Hart Crane`s combination of material and spiritual aspects is proposed. The result of textual analysis is provided. Hart Crane is the very significant figure for the American literature of the modernism era. Hart Crane was "lucky" to create in the stormy 20s, at a time when America after World War I became one of the richest countries, when at the peak of its development were industrialization and urbanization.
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