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Title: The analisis of the foreign experience of the aircraft engineering enterprises transformation
Authors: Смерічевський, Сергій Францович
Smerichevskyi, Serhii Frantsovych
Клімова, Олена Ігорівна
Klimova, Olena Ihorivna
Keywords: analisis
aircraft enterprises
engineering market
Issue Date: Oct-2018
Publisher: Національний авіаційний університет
Citation: Смерічевський С.Ф., Клімова О.І. The analisis of the foreign experience of the aircraft engineering enterprises transformation // Aviation in the XXI-st Century, "Safety in Aviation and Space Technologies": 8th World Congress readings book proceedings. - Kyiv - NAU, 2018. - p.52-55.
Abstract: The experience of adaptation of the leading manufacturers of the world aircraft engineering market to the changing market conditions considered. A set of actions and measures for the transformation of certain potential types of aircraft engineering manufacturers determined.
Description: The results of studies of the potential of the aviation industry enterprises indicate a possible increase in the volume of development and production of aviation equipment, in particular, in such areas as aircraft building (regional passenger and transport aircrafts), aircraft engine building, aviation assembly, avionics focused on the use of satellite communication systems, navigation and surveillance, ultralight and light aircrafts. At the enterprises of the domestic aircraft engineering, very often various adaptation transformations are not sufficiently correlated with market changesboth domestic and global, due to the fact that they are either insufficient or excessive and most often – simply not integrated. As a result, there are significant violations in the fulfillment of obligations to customers, as well as deterioration of the state and the results of production and economic activities. It is obvious that only with correctly synthesized in scientific terms (conceptually and implementation) mechanism of transformation management high-quality management of the aircraft engineering enterprises can be achieved.
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