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Title: Prospects for Improving the Codification of International Air Law
Authors: Radzivill, Olexandr
Keywords: fragmentation of international law
bilateral air trities
Paris Convention 1919
Chicago Convention 1944
flight rules
safe aviation system
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Oficina Wydawnicza Uczelni Lazarskiego/Lazarski University Press
Citation: Prospects for Improving the Codification of International Air Law //Legal Conditions of International Cooperation for the Safety and Efficiency of Civil Aviation. Oficina Wydawnicza Uczelni Lazarskiego/Lazarski University Press. - Warsaw, 2019. P 113-120
Abstract: Goal of the stady was the analysis of phenomenon of international law’s fragmentation as one of the aspect its development and codification in different level of delegate jurisdiction given by the example of international air law. Main stages of development and modern levels of the rule-making in international air law and its settlement in context of the problems of fragmentation had investigate. We can assume there are specific treaty-regimes in air law, created by the Paris Сonvention and supported with Chicago Convention.
ISBN: 978-83-64054-27-3
DOI: 10.26399/978-83-64054-27-3
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