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Title: Philosophical and legal concepts in the context of regulating national and international public order
Authors: Radzivill, Olexandr
Pyvovar, Yuriy
Keywords: the globalized information world
the fluctuations of the public mood
the evolution of geospheres
the concept of the noosphere
Сonditions for Perpetual Peace
Universal civil order
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Accent Graphics Communications & Publishing, Ontario
Citation: Radzivill O., Pyvovar Y. Philosophical and Legal Concepts in the Context of Regulating National and International Public Order // Jurisprudence in the modern information space / Collective monograph. Ed. by Iryna Sopilko. – Ontario. Accent Graphics Communications & Publishing, 2019. – P. 40-54.
Abstract: Crisis phenomena at the turn of the ХХ-ХХІ centuries, when the efforts of the United Nations to maintain peaceful international law and order are blocked by spontaneous social movements of the transition period, often accompanied by "rebellions against reason", require the shift away from established in the previous century paradigms and the use of philosophical concepts of the past "transition periods", separating for further development those that best contribute to the restoration of the constructive origin of human consciousness and collective activity. In this sense the concept of noosphere, which embodies the philosophical novels of the early twentieth century, and the new (non-Cartesian) philosophy of I. Kant, which, at the turn of the XVIII-XIX centuries, systematized the purpose, possibilities, and functional correlation of epistemological, ontological, and deontological knowledge, activating a range of further research in these areas, – are a powerful source for their updated interpretation and further development. Moreover, understanding the aspiration of peoples to the planet-wide spiritual and intellectual unity – as a value-emotional vector of the transhistorical orientation, the authors of the concept of noosphere, providing rational basis for this endeavor, lay emphasis on science that acts as a powerful geological force that requires a balanced and responsible attitude to its results, and as well as constant reflection on their effectiveness and morality.
ISBN: 978-1-77192-488-7
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