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Title: Hybridity of the Worldview Basis of the International Law and Order
Authors: Radzivill, Olexandr
Pyvovar, Yuriy
Matselyk, Mykhailo
Omelchenko, Andrii
Podoliak, Svetlana
Keywords: hybrid war
international law and order
Cartesian model of cognition
Kantian model of cognition
practical philosophy of morality
self-fulfilling prophecies
Issue Date: Mar-2020
Publisher: Scientific association for research and strategic studies aalborg academy of sciences – Denmark
Citation: Radzivill, O; Pyvovar, Y; Matselyk, M; Omelchenko, A; Podolyak, S. Hybridity of the Worldview Basis of the International Law and Order. Journal of Law and Political Sciences. Vol. 22, Issue: 2, 2020. – P 146-188.
Abstract: The internal contradiction of the ideological basis, on which the international law and order is based, and which is formed on a random and mostly intuitive combination of the elements of the new (Kantian) and old (Cartesian) philosophical systems of Modern Age in the social and individual consciousness is studied in the work as a significant reason for the modern activation of manifestations of hybridity. Both systems have their origins in the depths of history, and their elements are embodied, above all, in two alternative models of interpersonal relations, embedded in the constants of human nature: the ‘intersubjective’ Kantian model is based on the relations of equal subjects, ‘subject-object’ the Cartesian model recognizes the subjectivity of only one party. The purpose of the research is to substantiate the hypothesis that the prerequisite of the hybridity phenomena is the internal contradiction of the worldview basis of modern international law and order, which is formed by a random combination of the elements of the Kantian and Cartesian systems of philosophy in the individual and social consciousness, and the intensification of their manifestations at the turn of the XX-XXI centuries is a component of the general revision of worldview orientations and established standards of interpersonal relations and the organization of law and order, which, at least during Modern Age, tends to become more active at the turn of the centuries, acting cumulatively as a ‘self-fulfilling prophecies’.
Description: Content: Introduction. The first topic "Hybridity as the characteristic of phase transition and bifurcation". The second topic "Origins and modern manifestations of one-dimensionality and totalitarian thinking. The third topic "Kant's philosophy of self-reflection and the "mosaic" of its awareness". The fourth topic "The internal contradictions of modern international law and order". Conclusion.
ISSN: 2222-7288
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