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Title: Human dimension and environmental human rights in the international system of the environmental protection
Authors: Radzivill, Olexandr
Bogomazova, Iryna
Yaroshenko, Iryna
Sheludiakov, Roman
Varava, Iryna
Keywords: environmental human rights
access to environmental Information
global environmental crisis
human consciousness
international environmental protection
world civil society
Issue Date: 2-Mar-2020
Publisher: Scientific Association for Research and Strategic Studies Aalborg Academy of Sciences – Denmark
Citation: Human dimension and environmental human rights in the international system of the environmental protection // Journal of Law and Political Sciences.Vol. (23)-Tenth year - issue (2) March 2020. P. 133-174
Abstract: The purpose of this research is to identify the patterns and current trends in the formation of human consciousness and environmental human rights in the process of modernizing world civil society in order to form a single international environmental protection system. An important component of the new worldview should also be the noospheric thinking, the main motive of which is the responsible attitude of man towards the future of the planet on the basis of awareness of both the destructive possibilities of modern humanity and the conditionality of its existence for the preservation of a healthy environment. Taking into account the drawbacks of the formation of international law on the basis of exclusively interstate agreements, international law, at the present stage, should actively involve various social groups, social movements, representatives of territorial communities and other subjects of private law relations in making valid decisions, activating their influence on humanization and socialization of activities of the governments, and for states – to develop recommendations for building a new style of relations with their citizens in order to build a single international system of the environment protection
Description: Contents: Introduction. The first topic: environmental human rights and the concept of the human dimension. The second topic: international law and order as a component of the noosphere
ISSN: 2222-7288
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