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Title: Efficiency of introduction of "green technologies" on aviation transport
Other Titles: Ефективність впровадження "зелених технологій" на авіаційному транспорті
Authors: Шевченко, Юлія Вікторівна
Shevchenko, Yuliya Viktorivna
Соколова, Олена Євгенівна
Борець, Ірина Валеріївна
Sokolova, Olena Evgeniyvna
Borets, Irina Valeriyvna
Keywords: aviation transport
green technologies
effective system of environmental management
авіаційний транспорт
зелені технології
ефективна система екологічного управління
Issue Date: 11-Oct-2018
Publisher: National Aviation University
Citation: Yulia Shevchenko, Olena Sokolova, Irina Borets. Efficiency of introduction of "green technologies" on aviation transport // Proceeding of The Eighth World Congress “AVIATION IN THE XXI-st CENTURY - Safety in aviation and space technology'', 11 October, 2018, Kyiv. P. 12.10-12.13
Abstract: In the process of analyzing the current trends in green development in the aviation industry globally,it can be confidently state that trends have significant potential for increasing the productivity and efficiency of the aviation industry. "Green" technologies, combining in time with fundamentally different approaches, serve as a way to a clean trajectory characterized by higher resource efficiency and "resilience" to the growth of adverse external influences. This means that "green" technologies not only relate to the achievement of environmental friendliness, environmentalization of technology and activities, but are powerful catalysts for the transition to a new "green" technological structure, transformation of technological spheres of activity, economy and society
Description: On the basis of the research, it was established that the use of "green" technologies in the aviation transport of Ukraine is an indispensable innovative solution for preserving natural resources and reducing its negative impact on ecosystems. An important tool for ensuring "green" growth is the formation of an effective system of environmental management of airlines and the introduction of a flexible environmental policy, taking into account the specific conditions of operation. It should be noted that due to state support in this direction it is possible to create a "clean" highly productive sector and obtain financial and economic benefits from its functioning.
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