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Title: Forecasting methods on air transport
Authors: Matlinh, Yeva Olehivna
Medynskyi, Denys Volodymyrovich
Keywords: forecasting methods
linear regression model
forecasting transportation
air transport
forecast the traffic level
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: National Aviation University
Citation: Matlinh Y. O., Medynskyi D. V. Forecasting methods on air transport / Y. O. Matlinh, D. V. Medynskyi // Інноваційні технології: матеріали наук.-техн.конф. студентів, аспірантів, докторантів та молодих учених / за заг. ред. П. В. Горінова, К. О. Бабікової , Л. М. Мельничук; ІНТЛ НАУ (м. Київ, 25-26 листоп. 2020 р.). - К., 2020. - C. 339-342
Abstract: In this article, we reviewed forecasting methods based on smoothing, exponential smoothing and moving average. The main thing of this paper is that when forecasting transportation, it is necessary to choose the most important factors that affect transportation. To sum up everything that has been stated so far, we have compared method predictions based on different methods to forecast the traffic level on new airports.
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