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Title: Existing problems and development direction of green airport in China
Authors: Shao, Meiyu
Bieliatynskyi, A. O.
Pershаkov, V. M.
Keywords: civil airports
green airport
Issue Date: Apr-2021
Publisher: National Aviation University
Citation: Meiyu Shao, Bieliatynskyi А. О., Pershkov V. M. Existing problems and development direction of green airport in China // AVIA-2021 : Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Scientific Conference. - National Aviation University. – Kyiv, 2021. - P.20.32-20.33.
Abstract: With the increasingly obvious constraints on resources and environment, while providing safety and high-quality services, Chinese civil airports strive to reduce the impact on the ecological environment. This article elaborates on the primary issues that need to be resolved in the process of China's green airport construction and explains the future development direction
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