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Title: Localization in the management of international ecological policy
Authors: Князєва, Тетяна В'ячеславівна
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Economic Processes Management.
Abstract: The article stated the need for integrated ecological-economical management that is based on principles of general management, the implementation of which enables the integration of ecological priorities in business management; examined the organizational structure of business entities operating functions in the system of economical-economical management, on this basis is separate ecological problem and the methods of its solution at the operational level of enterprise management; reasonably place the tasks and functions of ecological marketing in integrated ecological-economical management and set forth a range of ecological marketing, which is the basis of using ecological factors to improve the competitiveness of products and businesses in general.
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Наукові статті кафедри бізнес-аналітики та цифрової економіки

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