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Title: Investigation of orbital characteristics of spacecraft
Authors: Konin, Valeriy
Pereima, Angelica
Конин, Валерий
Перейма, Анжелика
Keywords: space debris
orbital motion
telecommunication systems
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Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: National Aviation University
Citation: Konin V. V., Pereima A.Y. Investigation of orbital characteristics of spacecraft // AVIA-2021: Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Scientific Conference. - National Aviation University. – Kyiv, 2021. – P.6.1-6.5
Abstract: Mankind has made extraordinary strides in space exploration. With the evolution of telescopes, new secrets of "dark space" were revealed. Since the beginning of the space age more than 5,000 satellites and ships have been launched into space, which has further created an incredible load and pollution of the orbit. Each of these objects has a huge charge of kinetic energy and can cause serious damage to satellites
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