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Title: Features of Information Security in Martial Law
Authors: Moroz, Viktor
Keywords: features
information security
martial law
military aggression
wide range of domestic researches
Issue Date: Jun-2021
Publisher: National aviation university
Citation: Moroz Viktor. Features of Information Security in Martial Law / Viktor Moroz . // Legal Bulletin "Air and Space Law" / National Aviation University.- К., 2021. - №2 (59). - С.94-101
Abstract: The article is devoted to the analyze of the features of information security in martial law. Research methods: comparative analysis of individual regulations and the case law of Ukraine regulatory framework and case law in the application of the information security in martial law. Results: normative regulation of the formation of a single information space in Ukraine should contribute to the harmonious development of information resources, information services and the information product in the country. Improving the effectiveness of the subjects under investigation countering threats to information security. Discussion: the analysis of the legal the features of information security in martial law is carried out.
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