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Title: Typomorphic peculiarities of placer gold from alluvium of the chornyi cheremosh-river left tributaries
Authors: Ковальчук, Мирон Степанович
Фігура, Л.
Keywords: native gold
chemical composition
alluvial sediments
Chornyi Cheremosh river
ukrainian carpathians
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Мінералогічний збірник
Series/Report no.: 64;2
Abstract: Typomorphic features of native gold from alluvial deposits of the Chornyi (Black) Cheremosh-river left tributaries are characterized. Major morphological types of native gold have been distinguished and the main sources ofplacer gold have been identified.
Description: Chornyi (Black) Cheremosh is the river in the Ukrainian Carpathians within Verkhovyna district of Ivano-Frankivsk region. Black Cheremosh-river originates in the North-Eastern slope of the Chyvchyny Mountains which are the part of Maramorosh massif of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Alluvium of the Black Cheremosh-river everywhere is gold bearing in varying degrees. The river has numerous tributaries. Most of the left tributaries of the Black Cheremosh-river are also gold bearing.
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