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Title: Management priorities of land resources in the context of the airports and their infrastructure operation
Authors: Stetsyuk, Mykhailo
Skrypnyk, Liliia
Keywords: Land resources of air transport,
Issue Date: May-2018
Publisher: Журнал "Землеустрій, кадастр і моніторинг земель"
Abstract: The place and significance of land resources in the air transport functioning are researched. It is shown that in the questions of land use it is expedient to apply management approaches, which forms the preconditions for a broader understanding of the exploitation issues. The purpose and functions that are realized in the context of the aviation transport land use (operation) are investigated. Functions might be differentiated into general and specific ones that are oriented by criteria-characteristics.The complex of processes influencing of the land resources structure of the transport industry is investigated.
ISSN: 2518-7325
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Наукові статті викладачів кафедри аерокосмічної геодезії та землеустрою

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