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Title: Analysis of Soil Tillage by Ploughs and Optimisation of Their Aggregation
Authors: Novakovska, Iryna
Bulgakov, Volodimir
Rucins, Adolf
Dukulis, Imars
Keywords: soil tillage
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies
Citation: Iryna Novakovska, Volodimir Bulgakov, Adolf Rucins, Imars Dukulis. Analysis of soil tillage by ploughs and optimisation of their aggregation. 17 International Scientific Conference «Engineering for rural development», Volume 17, May 23-25, 2018/ Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies Faculty of Engineering, p. 335 - 341
Series/Report no.: 17;Engineering for Rural Development
Abstract: The mechanical and technological aspects of the impact of ploughing upon the soil fertility have been analysed, as well as the frequency of its crumbling and restoration of the strength of the structure in the arable horizon under the current conditions of agricultural farming. So, a decision on the need for ploughing with a mouldboard plough is not taken every year, but when the soil structure coefficient of the upper layer (8-10 cm) is less than 0.67. A rational of use of mouldboard ploughs with coulters (or application of double-depth ploughs) is substantiated. Scientifically-grounded recommendations for the aggregation of the ploughing machine-andtractor aggregates have been presented. Reduction in the energy costs of ploughing can be ensured by introducing a correct system of aggregating the ploughing tools with energy resources.
DOI: 10.22616/ERDev2018.17.N401
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