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Название: Factors influencing the choice of transport in supply chain management
Другие названия: Фактори, що впливають на вибір транспорту в управлінні ланцюгами поставок
Авторы: Шевченко, Юлія Вікторівна
Shevchenko, Yuliya Viktorivna
Козелецька, Ірина Степанівна
Kozeletska, Iryna
Ключевые слова: фактори
управління ланцюгами поставок
supply chain management
Дата публикации: 21-ноя-2019
Издательство: National Aviation University
Библиографическое описание: Shevchenko Yu., Kozeletska I. Factors influencing the choice of transport in supply chain management // Problems of organization of aviation, multimodal transportations and application of aviation in branches of economy: collection of materials of the VII International scientific and practical conference. - К .: НАУ, 2019. - S. 10—11
Краткий осмотр (реферат): Successful supply chain management in the face of excessive market volatility and demand has become a top priority at the current stage of global economic development. The processes of balancing supply and demand for goods and services have gone out of control, calling into question the reliability of cross-cutting supply chains and the planning of demand for products. In addition, the financial and economic impact of natural disasters has increased supply chain volatility, which in turn creates the need to choose the type of transportation that best meets the requirements of profitability and freight transportation costs, supply chain flexibility, and customer satisfaction.
Описание: In its turn, road transport is characterized by high accessibility to end users, high maneuverability and flexibility, high speed of freight transportation, the ability to use different routes and delivery schemes, a high level of cargo storage, as well as the ability to send the latter in small batches. In the management of supply chains with the participation of road transport should take into account such disadvantages, which include the low productivity of the latter, the dependence of road transport on road and natural and climatic conditions, relatively high cost of freight and long-distance freight, and operational road transport. In addition, in the future, it will be possible to operate unmanned road transport in the field of freight. It is assumed that the need to hire drivers for freight will disappear. At the same time, technical problems have not been resolved yet, and there is no legal basis. Most likely, the use of autonomous truck transport is possible only in the long run, because due to the complexity of the negotiation procedures and the high risks, their widespread use is not expected in the near future.
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